NFTs and IHO

Investors will make their purchases with $BUSD after they have decided to buy an NFT of property they want (after examining the real world income and accommodation opportunities of the property) after all the NFTs of the property offered for sale in the Metaverse have been sold, Rens Token will reward the NFT holders with the right to use and benefit from properties' returns as explained before by creating a property in the real world (similar to the one in the Metaverse with the help of partner companies.).
Only those who stake Rens Token will have the opportunity to buy NFTs of new properties at a discount and with priority at IHO. After IHO sales are completed, remaning NFTs will be offered for sale for all investors in the marketplace.
· NFT holders may have the opportunity to earn lifetime income from the NFTs they own.
· All the rights of an investor who owns an NFT of a property are protected by impartial lawyers.
· NFT owners can offer their NFTs for sale in the marketplace after IHO is completed.
Investors are required to stake Rens Tokens in their wallets in order to buy properties on Initial House Offerings (IHO).
Depending on the amount of Rens Tokens staked by user on IHO platform a corresponding NFT buying limit will be granted.