Rens Token

Rens Token investors buy NFT(s) of properties in the metaverse and are rewarded with the right to use and benefit from returns of the properties that are created as equivalent in the real word. In this way, the rental income of these real properties allocated to them as a reward will be regularly transferred to their wallets.
With this structure, people who do not have the budget to buy expensive properties whose prices are increasing all over the world can benefit from income and usage opportunities of these properties with very little invesment.
If at any time an NFT holder decides to sell their NFT, they can put these rights (rental income and accomodation) for sale by adding their NFTs to the marketplace.
Since the properties in the metaverse represent the properties in the real world, the prices of both properties (the ones in the metaverse (NFTs) and the ones in the real-world) are the same at launch.
Price database of properties is updated regularly on the website so that the instantaneous value of the properties can be displayed there.